Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pulau Ubin Singapore- Solo ride

Last Monday..masa aku abis keje kat Aiport Seletar singapore..aku sempat ler..merasa kayuhan kat kota singa tu...

Puas aku tanyer org how to get to Pulau Ubin and at the end i managed to get there..after lost so many times.

My first impresion of Pulau mcm pulau Ketam..

And to get to Pulau Ubin u need to take a tongkang from Changi Road Jetty and just paid SGD2.50 for one trip and xtra SGD2.00 was charged when u bring u bike. there are no schedule for boating to P.Ubin. Once complete 12 pax...engine was started. 10 mins journey to P Ubin

I just rent a bike at P Ubin..Giant Boulder for SGD10.00 per day. i think reasonable lerrr if u compare to bring bike from KL. Somemore aku ni keje..bukan nyer for a pleasure trip.

I think that i Pulau Ubin..every where was good n proper signage and u will not be lost

kayuh n kayuh on tarmac in the drizzling weather.. cozy at's good start

i reached double track... just ok.for this..n small climbing section...tak penat pon..until i stop kat satu barn and..for's a good track to go in..

aku terus sambung kayuh masuk ke single track.. wow..ada switch gak tempat ni...

seterusnyerr.... aku kayuh....all the way and it's was slipery section..but very nice reserve forest

becouse of time limited..aku just complete quater of the loop... and for sure next month..i will be continued to xplore the rest of the trail at P ubin

So far..... it's good trail... well maintenance ..proper signage....even solo ride..u dont need to worry.. about recommended for all level...sebab ada free ride park too..but last not least..malaysia trail still the best

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