Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby yg ke3

.............aku ingat aku nak kayuh pada malam tu..27-feb 09...biase laa..ari jumaat malam..memang aku kerap kayuh.... tapi...wife tak bagi..dia kata...contraction da makin kerap..and she decided to go to Pantai after solat Isyak...ok lerr aku pon brought her to Pantai Medical centre.

Than terus ke labor room.... then aku turun did the registration....Nurse check CTG...and noticed..the contraction..tak ler very frequent..every 10 my wife being advised to stay kat wad biase....and wait for Gynae tomorrow morning..aku pon..ingat nak balik umah lerr sebab bilik menunggu penuh...

aku drived and sampai umah jam 1230..terus tido....

230am bini called....kata nurse suruh aku pon dgn rilex and slow..aku bgn... sebab. yg advised suruh dtg is nurse..not a doc.. so aku pon...slow lerrr..basuh muka..minum air skit..nad terus start kete.... sampai hospital jam 320am

sesampai ajer aku ..nurse told me.."U are late.... your wife already given birth....."

masuk jer bilik..aku tgk anak aku da ada kat baby box....alhamdulilllah....

aku dapat baby ke3...... Boy...kawan aku tuk teman kan aku naik beskal......


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pulau Ubin Singapore- Solo ride

Last Monday..masa aku abis keje kat Aiport Seletar singapore..aku sempat ler..merasa kayuhan kat kota singa tu...

Puas aku tanyer org how to get to Pulau Ubin and at the end i managed to get there..after lost so many times.

My first impresion of Pulau mcm pulau Ketam..

And to get to Pulau Ubin u need to take a tongkang from Changi Road Jetty and just paid SGD2.50 for one trip and xtra SGD2.00 was charged when u bring u bike. there are no schedule for boating to P.Ubin. Once complete 12 pax...engine was started. 10 mins journey to P Ubin

I just rent a bike at P Ubin..Giant Boulder for SGD10.00 per day. i think reasonable lerrr if u compare to bring bike from KL. Somemore aku ni keje..bukan nyer for a pleasure trip.

I think that i Pulau Ubin..every where was good n proper signage and u will not be lost

kayuh n kayuh on tarmac in the drizzling weather.. cozy at's good start

i reached double track... just ok.for this..n small climbing section...tak penat pon..until i stop kat satu barn and..for's a good track to go in..

aku terus sambung kayuh masuk ke single track.. wow..ada switch gak tempat ni...

seterusnyerr.... aku kayuh....all the way and it's was slipery section..but very nice reserve forest

becouse of time limited..aku just complete quater of the loop... and for sure next month..i will be continued to xplore the rest of the trail at P ubin

So far..... it's good trail... well maintenance ..proper signage....even solo ride..u dont need to worry.. about recommended for all level...sebab ada free ride park too..but last not least..malaysia trail still the best

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pose-Selepas raye

da laama gile aku tak ride (write) pronounceable

life mcm biase..lepas raya ni....
kalau masa bulan pose.....kena pose....pas terawih rride....syokkk gilerrrr. tak sabar nak tunggu ari jumaat.

tapi bile da lepas raya ni..serba serbi malas
nak buat keje pon sama...

so buat masa ni... ni je yg aku dapat tulis..sebab aku rasa sgt malas.
rasa mcm nak gi umrah jerrr.... aku tgk family aku baru balik..rasa mcm syok lak....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hash Kemensah 27.07.08

Solo ride to RV in kemensah that morning. Seems no traffic and the sunny weather-forecast make the enthusiasm with a passion to the destiny. kelolo offered the ride but politely deny and targeting to cycle and i made it.

Gggrrrreat Bash. Many thanks to Nazri, Gus and all the other co-hares for putting on a terrific ride. I know they all put a ton of work into making this happen and I'm sure everyone else appreciates it as much as I do. If anyone knows how much work building new trail takes I guess I do so my hat is off to you. Riders like these guys and the other hares this year have really raised the bar for the quality of bashes we are getting.

I took along route and trying pace zaidi@mr beskal, pine , meng but gave up after 10kms..They were great riders and some other day i will turn to them.

It was a fascinating route with a canopy throughout the trail, climbing, downhill, pushing, and 85% rideable.Overall, it was a good hash. Climbs were steep enough to make you (at least me) feel sorry for not staying in your bed, descent was good and long enough,

Roadies.......From batu Caves to Langat 26.07.08

Sejuk di puncak langat jam 845am

It was a glory saturday morning where 6 of us conquer a hill of langat. Inspired by Zali and we started at 745am from my house. Pace all the way lead by zali, pak abas and me. The rest zz, ref and pine was joining later.

Steep hill, climbing at max heart rate, pushing and dancing to the top. Wow so magnificent and i made it without any stop. So satisfied and the reward is a downhill where i clocked 70km/h. scary fast and full concentration. Ref....jual durian

batu 14 was a destiny, king of fruit is a cabo that refill for that day. Memang best and rasa puas even just 85km riding distance. Yummy....ermmm

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Janda Baik Pot luck 20th July 2008 (Shah91)

20 th July 2008- Janda baik Picnic

At last we made it to gather around 18 families in the one occasion in the Pot luck Event in Janda Baik.

Thanks for those who are directly involve and without the supportfrom them there no such thing that really happening, awesome, glorious and could be said as successful event of the year. Aida u r so great with ur passion who really eager to see all family enjoy the day.

As what i promise...i try to make it in a good reason to execute this event after did some recce on the week before.

I brought 3 ekors chicken that have been chop into 20 pcs and marinated like satay method..peanut gravy..i just bought from wak satay nearby. and it completed within 2 hrs prepration

Above pic is a result...lickin ur finger

They.....brought so many foods..drinks..thank to kamarulzaman....who sponsored a drinks..cold n hot all available..the rest...much appreciated

The best berendam what a nice place to hide...
So much things to be written here..but i think the most element that never been forgotten is a friendship value that alive even 18yrs being apart.

At now time for us to make a come back with other greater event and more will join.

Long LIve Shah91 batch

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New rig


Last friday, July,4 2008 there are new birth of the history in my life where new rid was re-born and now belong to me. This bike special dedicated to Afreen., my youngest daughter as her first look at the bike and her comment......"antikk"

FUJI Roubaix what's it called..Aluminium butted frame, 52 size, bonded carbon fork and seat stay
105 groupset..enuff for me as a beginner rite.

The official ride for that weeks is Janda Baik with my buddy...zali, pak abas, pak rahim, akmal...they are good riders and good lesson approached.

Janda BAik is good for all type of rid. Doesnt matter what u ride...but i prefer MTB to climb

anyway... this may improve my stamina when offroad...