Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Janda Baik Pot luck 20th July 2008 (Shah91)

20 th July 2008- Janda baik Picnic

At last we made it to gather around 18 families in the one occasion in the Pot luck Event in Janda Baik.

Thanks for those who are directly involve and without the supportfrom them there no such thing that really happening, awesome, glorious and could be said as successful event of the year. Aida u r so great with ur passion who really eager to see all family enjoy the day.

As what i promise...i try to make it in a good reason to execute this event after did some recce on the week before.

I brought 3 ekors chicken that have been chop into 20 pcs and marinated like satay method..peanut gravy..i just bought from wak satay nearby. and it completed within 2 hrs prepration

Above pic is a result...lickin ur finger

They.....brought so many foods..drinks..thank to kamarulzaman....who sponsored a drinks..cold n hot all available..the rest...much appreciated

The best berendam what a nice place to hide...
So much things to be written here..but i think the most element that never been forgotten is a friendship value that alive even 18yrs being apart.

At now time for us to make a come back with other greater event and more will join.

Long LIve Shah91 batch

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Aquarius Girl said...

oso a million thanks to you beb...for sending the email..recce tempat...paling cool is the BBQ set..cayala!!! cik kiah tolong bakar kawan2 jer..nk bagi dorang semangat to join our activity...this event is really a successful one!! kita expect at least 5 family pun dah cukup..end up dalam 18 family..mmg dah lebih dari meriah..makan pun meriah...seronok tgk kawan2 semua enjoy..dpt berkenal kenalan dgn kengkawan punya wife..anak2..
Kuzi, nnnt boleh organise lagi ye...seperti biasa aku akan support..