Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hash Kemensah 27.07.08

Solo ride to RV in kemensah that morning. Seems no traffic and the sunny weather-forecast make the enthusiasm with a passion to the destiny. kelolo offered the ride but politely deny and targeting to cycle and i made it.

Gggrrrreat Bash. Many thanks to Nazri, Gus and all the other co-hares for putting on a terrific ride. I know they all put a ton of work into making this happen and I'm sure everyone else appreciates it as much as I do. If anyone knows how much work building new trail takes I guess I do so my hat is off to you. Riders like these guys and the other hares this year have really raised the bar for the quality of bashes we are getting.

I took along route and trying pace zaidi@mr beskal, pine , meng but gave up after 10kms..They were great riders and some other day i will turn to them.

It was a fascinating route with a canopy throughout the trail, climbing, downhill, pushing, and 85% rideable.Overall, it was a good hash. Climbs were steep enough to make you (at least me) feel sorry for not staying in your bed, descent was good and long enough,

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