Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Roadies.......From batu Caves to Langat 26.07.08

Sejuk di puncak langat jam 845am

It was a glory saturday morning where 6 of us conquer a hill of langat. Inspired by Zali and we started at 745am from my house. Pace all the way lead by zali, pak abas and me. The rest zz, ref and pine was joining later.

Steep hill, climbing at max heart rate, pushing and dancing to the top. Wow so magnificent and i made it without any stop. So satisfied and the reward is a downhill where i clocked 70km/h. scary fast and full concentration. Ref....jual durian

batu 14 was a destiny, king of fruit is a cabo that refill for that day. Memang best and rasa puas even just 85km riding distance. Yummy....ermmm

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