Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New rig


Last friday, July,4 2008 there are new birth of the history in my life where new rid was re-born and now belong to me. This bike special dedicated to Afreen., my youngest daughter as her first look at the bike and her comment......"antikk"

FUJI Roubaix what's it called..Aluminium butted frame, 52 size, bonded carbon fork and seat stay
105 groupset..enuff for me as a beginner rite.

The official ride for that weeks is Janda Baik with my buddy...zali, pak abas, pak rahim, akmal...they are good riders and good lesson approached.

Janda BAik is good for all type of rid. Doesnt matter what u ride...but i prefer MTB to climb

anyway... this may improve my stamina when offroad...


serindit rimba said...


Basikal baru...!

Anonymous said...

haaa...baru boleh nk komen...
anyway congrats on the breaking news... hari nie baru Wahab bagitau..Alhamdulillah bertambah ahli keluarga ko...aku pun tengokla...next year kot..(dah berapa tahun aku asik ckp next year..tapi dok postpone jer..hehehe

~ Aida SHAH Pekan ~